Alinéa Top’Alliance’s Commitment

A firm will to protect the environment through the ISO 14001 approach.

Management & development of waste matter

  • A 50% reduction of all primary waste within 3 years
  • Recycling channel: 100% of all wastes are redeveloped.

Renewable Energy Production

Alinéa Top’Alliance has made the choice of installing solar panels on the roofs of its 3 worksites – covering a total area of 8,000 m2 – thus enabling us to save 335 tons of CO2.

Savings in packaging

  • The reduction in the weight of our packaging has enabled us to cut by 10% the weight of our parcels.
  • Elimination of all excess packaging.

Purchasing Policy

Our purchasing policy is strictly in line with environmental protection:

  • Purchase of material manufactured from recycled matter
  • Dealing with companies who have a strict environmental policy