Appearing 5,000 years ago in Central Asia, garlic has always been recognised for its good taste and surprising medicinal properties.

White garlic, pink garlic, purple garlic or fresh garlic (economical, core brand or premium range) : Alinéa Top Alliance provides the most comprehensive range on the market in order to meet everybody’s needs, from the end user searching for the best value to the most prestigious, 3-star chef.

White Garlic

Alinéa Top Alliance is currently selling approximately 3,000 tons of white garlic :

  • 1,000 tons of Lomagne’s white garlic
  • 1,000 tons of white garlic from South West France
  • 1,000 tons of white garlic from Spain and Argentina

Note : Lomagne’s white garlic has undergone a CCP-IGP process aimed at the European-wide recognition and protection of its Lomagne White Garlic “brand”.

For each price level (economical, core brand, premium), Alinéa Top Alliance offers a comprehensive range, from the smaller 3-head packaging to the 10 kg carton.

Purple Garlic

Pink Garlic

With 1,400 tons/year, Alinéa Top Alliance is the French leader in the sales of pink garlic from the Lautrec region (Tarn department).

Special care is given to the 500 tons of Lautrec’s Label Rouge pink garlic , which constitute the highest quality level on the market.

In order to adapt this high-quality product to the requirements of modern supermarket distribution, Alinéa Top Alliance has developed numerous types of packaging in the last few years, specifically dedicated to supermarket distribution.