Product range

Alinéa Top Alliance’s product range covers 5 major product types :
In the setting up of this range, we were guided by 3 principles :

  • On the condiment market, Alinéa Top Alliance had to provide a global range in order to attract the most influential distribution companies and position itself as a major player.
  • Alinéa Top Alliance wanted to promote the exceptional soils of South West France by reflecting the diversity and quality of their productions.
  • Alinéa Top Alliance had to support its producer members as much as possible in the diversification of their approach.


Appearing 5,000 years ago in Central Asia, garlic has always been recognised for its good taste and surprising medicinal properties.


Originating from Central Asia, onion has been sought after for its numerous qualities throughout history.


With a similar bulb to that of the onion, the shallot also originates from central Asia.

Heirloom Vegetables

Give the taste of the heirloom vegetables is a quality of Alinéa Top’Alliance

Dried vegetables

100% French origin, the dried vegetable range promotes very diversified soils, unanimously recognised for their top quality.