Our values


Ever since their creation, Alinéa and Top Alliance have resolutely promoted an innovative approach, creating added value for our customers as well as end users. There have been numerous breakthroughs in the last few years, acknowledged by the market, notably in terms of:

  • Packaging
  • Promotional operations in stores
  • Sales support tools

Attentiveness and responsiveness

Because commercial success is a necessary consequence of a pro-active approach with regard to customers’ requirements and also of the optimisation of the decision-making processes, Alinéa and Top Alliance consider the customer as the central figure in their corporate policy. This approach is specifically reflected in :

  • Actual and constant attentiveness with regard to expressed or unspoken requirements
  • rapid decision-making process
  • continuous adaptation of the product offer and related tools
  • corporate ethics with a strong dynamic influence

Sustainable development

Alinéa is well aware of the absolute necessity to protect the environment and save on natural resources; this is why we have committed to an environmental approach that should eventually result in an ISO 14001 certificate. This approach has led to the implementation of numerous projects, in the following areas for example:

  • The sorting and treatment of waste
  • Energy consumption control
  • Water management