1st pink garlic reseller

With 1400 tons / year, Top’Alliance Alinéa is positioned as the French leader in the marketing of pink garlic from the region of Lautrec (Tarn).

Special attention is given to 500 tons of pink garlic of Lautrec Label Rouge, which is highest level of quality on the market.

To adapt the product of very high quality requirements of modern distribution,Top’Alliance Alinéa has also developed in recent years many packages dedicated to retail.

In various sizes, pink garlic of Lautrec is now available in:

  • Tray 3 heads
  • Net 3 heads
  • Filet 250g
  • Filet 500g
  • Cluster (manouille) 500g
  • Cluster (manouille) 1kg
  • Bag 5kgs
  • Tray 5kgs